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    FiberLight owns over 500,000 miles of robust fiber-optic networks in over 44 key growth areas within Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Texas, Virgian and Washington D.C.. They are a premier provider of fiber-optic based, high-performance networking services for telecommunication carriers, government entities, enterprise, content providers and web-centric companies.

    They offer a wide area of networking options at layers 1,2, and 3 to select major commercial hubs and are known for offering highly secure, reliable, scalable and flexible network services.  FiberLlight builds, supports and owns their own optical network, with around the clock, 365 day monitory to ensure dependability.

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  • Dedicated Internet
  • Point to Point
  • Frac/Full OC3/12/48
  • MPLS
  • Metro Fiber Ethernet
  • VPLS
  • Gigabit Ethernet